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The Fuck Me Silly is BAD ASS…did we mention that currently??

The Fuck Me Silly is BAD ASS…did we mention that currently??

The Fuck Me Silly is BAD ASS…did we mention that currently??

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Personally Silly Mega Masturbator

Me Silly Mega Masturbator so I bought the Pipedream Extreme Fuck. That’s a mouthful to n’t say, is it?

I’ve been dying to examine this wicked awesome model for over a 12 months. We never really had the balls to pull the trigger and get it, as yet. Just north of $200 it’s pricey. But completely worth every penny during my masturbatory opinion.

Disclaimer we bought this with personal cash. No sponsorship. No freebies. Simply my natural, unfiltered views.

If nothing else, they are the essential considerations to find out about this model

The Fantaflesh “skin” feels really nice. Fantaflesh is Pipedream’s title for the product that covers this doll. I can’t state so it’s life like, nonetheless it feels sexy and responds to slapping and spanking perfectly.

She’s a supreme wiggle and jiggle motion. See my home-brew video clip below. In reality it responds much like an 18 year woman’s that is old whenever you spank it! Oh yeah.

It is not t difficult to wash. The pussy and vagina holes are linked via one tube that is long. Sh t soapy that is warm through one end also it runs out of the other. Much less simple as being a Tenga or Fleshlight, but could be achieved in under five full minutes.

The pussy and ass holes feel actually fucking awesome. The perfect number of tightness for me personally, and I’m an girth guy that is average. Would i prefer them tighter? Yes, but they truly are a lot more than appropriate.

Place her for a sleep or table that’s the proper height. Grab her by the waistline. Pound away. It is really that easy.

She can not be totally submerged in water. There was an atmosphere vent at the very top. NEVER get water, lube or cum in there!

Whom can purchase this toy?

A person with a penis can completely love this particular masturbator. What this means is right people, homosexual people or trans individuals. When you can get a hardon, then you can certainly make use of this to pound your frustrations out or create a cloudy time a bit brighter.

I many want to put it to use for a when I won’t be able to enjoy the company of a female weekend. I just pull her out of my closet, lube her up and pound away when i’m bored or feeling horny. In a couple of minutes my globe is just a bit better and I also have actually an enormous laugh on my face!

This sex toy is MUCH BETTER than anything from Tenga, Fleshlight or any of those toy companies in many ways. This thing really l ks very practical, which enhances the erotic satisfaction. I believe it is better to log off using this versus some long, generic tube that is l king.

A KEY POINT we not have to be concerned about pleasing her. This doll is about ME and our satisfaction. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m exactly about sexually satisfying a female in my own company.

But often we just want to log off and get completed with it. No after care. No caressing or cuddling. Simply pump, dump and done.

Yes, it is expensive!

A cheap sex toy at just over $200 the Fuck Me Silly is NOT. In reality this really is more or less the absolute most cash I would personally ever give consideration to paying for a masturbator that is male. But it’s completely worth it if you have the cash to spare.

No, it’s maybe not portable

In reality, it is damn big! About 20 pounds. big become precise. What this means is it fit that is won’t the dresser drawer because of the sleep. You’ll need a separate space in your closet with this one.

Nevertheless it utilizes not as storage area (and far cheaper) than the usual size sex doll that is full.

It’s quite durable

I’ve pounded the residing shit out of this thing. Really. Into the ass. Into the meddle pussy. To and fro. We can’t appear to harm it! And trust me, I’ve tried

Used to do some research with this doll on the web, and I also found that previous models had one flaw that is major. There isn’t that are enough“tissue the vagina and anal openings. This area had been instead thin, so some users had been tearing this part aside. This has been rectified by Pipedreams Extreme lineup. No problems with that at all, at the very least regarding the one we bought.

Photos for the box

I really couldn’t find pictures like these anywhere on the internet, and so I uploaded these for the viewing pleasure. We don’t understand about you, but i love to understand field that the doll is available in. It often offers more information in regards to the product in.

In this instance, Pipedreams did a job that is great of the factory packaging. It got me actually excited to make use of it, it up before I even opened!

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