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She simply split up along with her boyfriend and I also think she likes me. Does she have feelings for me personally?

She simply split up along with her boyfriend and I also think she likes me. Does she have feelings for me personally?

She simply split up along with her boyfriend and I also think she likes me. Does she have feelings for me personally?

And so I was raised in college with this particular woman but we didnt actually talk much before the final few months of senior year

She has received a boyfriend when it comes to a year ago and a half yet she constantly flirts beside me and shows signs of great interest. Back March, once we had been first becoming friends, she split up along with her boyfriend after which included my Snap away from nowhere and started chatting a great deal. They got in together once again for some time and we also stopped talking as much.

Then in the summertime I just kinda ended up joining her friend team plus in the period of about four weeks or two we have become friends that are really great.

Until really recently these were still dating nonetheless it had been a rocky relationship and all of us knew it was going to end quickly.

This woman is also generally a actually flirty girl though thus I cant always inform for certain whats going on.

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We text / snapchat all of the some time she constantly will be sending heart emojis or call me personally nicknames that are stupid material. We’re each other people number one friend that is best on snapchat.

We have been really close as buddies and nearly the precise exact same individuals in that we now have the same passions and love of life.

Even heading back 8 weeks ago we werent really super close however now i cam saw without the question that she actually is my closest friend.

Whenever had been together, she shall stay close to ms, touch me, perform stupid games, simply take images, give compliments, etc.

We sat from the settee together and she had been pushing her butt as near in my experience that you can after which the next evening we viewed a film with a pal and she was lying up close to me personally all night she actually is a flirty woman typically but she does appear to act various towards me.

Had been both at university now and shes having a really good time. I al having some lighter moments too, but Im making certain to remain in contact along with my senior high school friends whenever possible.

We face time each week or more and/ that is still text all the full time

She texted me personally one other out of nowhere to FaceTime and we talked for about two and a half hours day. She kept speaing frankly about the way we are both therefore and asked me personally exactly how maybe it’s possible that i dont have girlfriend.

We pointed out one thing about pretending to inform girls we have a gf and she stated ahe would happily be my “pretend” girlfriend.

Then we talked again now and she said that she split up along with her boyfriend. Her why she just said they were starting to lose touch when I asked.

We asked her she liked better and she said she has made many friends but doesnt have feelings for anyone at her college if it absolutely was cause there was anyone at college. Later once I raised a woman that asked me personally out she told me personally definitly never to date “some bitch I met merely a weeks that are few”

She finished face time saing she enjoyed me personally and it was said by me straight back and we simply cant always inform whats taking place with her.

She actually is my closest friend ans I like her as a pal and I also would want her in a relationship too nonetheless it wouldnt take place cause i dont want to mess anything up, cause any drama or do anything to ruin our friendship unless she is the one to start something.

Additionally i understand a lot of people would tell me to here focus on people, so Id prefer to result in the point that I am checking out my choices only at university too.

Nonetheless i’ve yet to get any woman i prefer just as much as this girl and dating a thai girl Im thinking one thing may happen whenever were house over xmas and Summer breaks.

TLDR i do believe she may be into me personally.. She is my closest friend and i dont want to mess up our relationship but im still unsure of just exactly how she seems what exactly does it appear to be is being conducted?

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