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Once you see this notice wea��re going into a PlayZone rule companion site. However the site believes to both services in the PlayZone rule and to generally be considered for agreement by ACON.

Once you see this notice wea��re going into a PlayZone rule companion site. However the site believes to both services in the PlayZone rule and to generally be considered for agreement by ACON.

Once you see this notice wea��re going into a PlayZone rule companion site. However the site believes to both services in the PlayZone rule and to generally be considered for agreement by ACON.

The ACON PlayZone Signal contains:

  • Absolutely free condoms and lubricant could be provided continually.
  • Totally free condoms and lube are accessible near markets much like the darkroom.
  • Information leaflets on reproductive health, centers, HIV and STIs can be available.
  • Expertise leaflets is going to be accessible near parts with great lights.
  • Lights is acceptable sufficient to take a look at sources readily available; look for the cost-free condoms and lubricant; so associates can clean properly which means you observe what your location is supposed.
  • Washing is accomplished appropriately, aided by the suitable merchandise which means you dona��t put messier than you must.
  • Is going to be trained in techniques of reproductive health, including alcohol and drugs, and also be in the position to display in which the facts leaflets tends to be with the site if you want these people.
  • Can allow you to if you require fundamental home elevators reproductive health or drugs and alcohol.
  • Will additionally be able to give a person info on sexual health centers.

ACON PlayZone SOPV Rule of Practice Ingredients

Feedback about ACON PlayZone SOPV of Rehearse

  • If you’ve got any comments, opinions or would like to submit any information about a SOPV with regards to the PlayZone rule, satisfy email us:
  • Take note involvement within the PlayZone laws is voluntary. ACON will overcome all comments acquired to the PlayZone laws and SOPVs in complete confidence. Expertise from your remarks offered may also be offered into SOPV staff and team for responses.
  • Should you decide need an answer from ACON team choose give your own contact details.

ACON PlayZone locations

These sites include devoted to the PlayZone signal of exercise:

  • 357 Sydney Town Steam
  • Individual Globe Newtown
  • Aarows
  • Exchange
  • The Den Oxford Route
  • The Happiness Breasts George Streets
  • Sydney Spa

ACON Sexperts

The Sexperts are peer training volunteers visiting sex on premises venues and get discussions aided by the clients about reproductive health, HIV and STI experiment, and other appropriate guides.

We all currently have an extremely committed and exciting band of volunteers which we’ve been trying amplify because we expand the solar panels to newer premise.

To show curiosity about getting a Sexpert give us a call on: 1800 063 060 | (02) 9206 2075 |

Cervical Cancers Evaluating

Everyone with a cervix are at chance of cervical disease.

Wea��re right here to provide know-how and market the necessity of standard cervical checking for LGBTIQ men and women.

Cervical malignant tumors the most avoidable types of cancer, so far studies also show that LGBTIQ people are more unlikely versus normal residents to go to cervical screening. Possessing consistent Cervical checking reports is better strategy individuals the forums can protect themselves against cervical cancers.

On 1 December 2017, the Pap try replaced to an even more precise Cervical evaluating taste. Other improvements include the ages of assessment rising from 18 ages to twenty-five years, as well time taken between tests modifying from two to five years.

Go to the Inner group to discover more on the alterations around the Pap sample, whata��s involved in a Cervical checking examination, information about sex, HPV and cervical cancer tumors and tips and advice on what cope with your own examination.

Watch people people talk about her activities of cervical evaluating for all the Inner Circle marketing.

If you’re in Sydney, you could guide in at Stop by: LGBTIQ+ reproductive health hospital for a reproductive health test and/or a cervical testing examination. Check OUT try a community-led center, operated by ACON and relatives thinking NSW. All our frontline associate tend to be skilled members of the LGBTIQ+ area. Read more about Go and visit and ebook an evaluation today.

Essential Assistance & Companies

HIV Service

Wea��re below to aid Asian gay males with HIV control their health by giving updated help and advice together with several software and work. To learn more please visit our personal HIV assistance part.

Mental Health

This site offers a variety of therapy and community treatment service for Japanese gay men, contains those with HIV or whom make use of tablets. For more information check out the Mental Health section.

Alcoholic Drinks & Medication

This site offers a range of sources and support work that can help Japanese gay males which incorporate alcoholic and various medicines. To find out more visit the drinks & tablets area.

Security & Introduction

You can expect numerous budget and service business helping Asian homosexual boys who happen to be suffering from homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination. To find out more visit all of our security & addition point.

Home & Group Brutality

This site offers numerous information and support work to help you Asian homosexual males who happen to be going through residential and household violence. To get more information please check out our home & Family physical violence part.


Currently various solutions and help business for seasoned Asian homosexual guy (50+). To learn more go to our very own Ageing point.

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