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Nathaniel’s university soccer fantasy was in fact shattered. He had been going to stay test for murder.

Nathaniel’s university soccer fantasy was in fact shattered. He had been going to stay test for murder.

Nathaniel’s university soccer fantasy was in fact shattered. He had been going to stay test for murder.

The test

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On Feb. 13, 2013, a year-and-a-half after Lauren Astley’s murder, her ex-boyfriend Nathaniel Fujita’s test started.

“there is two people that are different” buddy Genevieve Flynn stated. “there is, like, the Nate which was in More Bonuses twelfth grade with us, who was simply, like, during my homeroom, that would joke around beside me, who was simply in the track group beside me. There is that Nate. Then there is, like, the Nate whom we have just actually present in handcuffs plus in a court space.”

Expected just exactly how he seemed in court, buddy Hannah Blahut told Smith, “He mostly kept their face down. So when he looked up, he seemed simply not like most Nate that I would ever understood.”

Prosecutor Lisa McGovern wastes no amount of time in spelling down why Lauren ended up being murdered.

“This defendant is bad just as charged,” McGovern addressed the court in her own opening declaration.

“Nathaniel Fujita ended up being harmed by Lauren Astley perhaps not finding its way back to him in which he killed her,” McGovern told “48 Hours”

Defense attorney William Sullivan, inside the opening declaration, admits Nathaniel killed Lauren.

“In many murder situations, the real question is whom? Whom made it happen? that isn’t this full situation,” the told the court. “This case there’s– there is gonna be two concerns, why and exactly how. “

“so how exactly does a son . there is no actual proof of him ever laying a finger about this girl that is young . so how exactly does he take action such as this?” Sullivan remarked to Tracy Smith. “I told the jury, ‘you’re gonna notice and find out some extremely annoying facts.'”

“. she passed away due to the blend regarding the strangulation therefore the incised wounds . to her throat,” health Examiner Henry Nields testified.

Nields stated after Lauren ended up being strangled by having a bungee cable, she then suffered amount of trivial wounds to her throat before her neck was cut.

“Why these trivial, superficial wounds? He did that to harm her,” McGovern told “48 Hours”. “Why did he provide the gaping, deep wound? He did that to destroy her.”

The prosecution questioned Genevieve Flynn and Lauren’s other buddies about June 2011 — the thirty days between highschool graduation and Lauren’s murder.

“we saw Lauren select her hands up and push them down her part as if she had been saying, simply keep away from me personally,” Hannah testified.

Hannah Blahut testified about this graduation celebration where Nathaniel punched a pole holding up the celebration tent.

“Nate got aggravated that Lauren was not speaking with him,” close friend Chloe Jacques told “48 Hours”. “He had been aggressive because he had been extremely drunk.”

McGovern thinks Nathaniel’s display of rage ended up being a prelude that is ominous killing Lauren.

“this will be a violence murder that is domestic. This is perpetrated because of this relationship, that was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship,” McGovern told “48 Hours.”

“The prosecution is painting this as a domestic violence that is violence-dating,” Smith noted to Sullivan. “Proper,” he responded.

Nevertheless the protection disagrees.

“Nathaniel . did not stalk her. Don’t drive by her home. Was not calling her. Was not texting her. And none of this ended up being present,” Sullivan told Smith.

The jury is wanted by the defense to pay attention to Nathaniel’s behavior after graduation prior to Lauren’s murder:

Bill Sullivan: through that right time those three months, be reasonable to express you didn’t understand defendant after all.

R.J. Bolivar: I don’t think therefore.

“His friends was indeed saying they did not like to spend time because he had been acting differently,” Chloe told “48 Hours” with him anymore.

Bill Sullivan: he is perhaps not getting together with you dudes anymore, right?

Connor Murphy: Right.

Friends Connor and R.J. testify Nathaniel had dropped from their social group.

Bill Sullivan: could it be reasonable to state that individuals had been commenting that Nathaniel was not around?

R.J. Bolivar: some social individuals were, yeah.

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